Sign Permits

Permits (Council, Footpath, Planning / Building / Heritage Victoria)

Form A Sign are experts in assessing your sign proposals against local Council Sign Regulations, compiling the required documentation for the official sign permit application and advising and facilitating the process to ensure a timely and successful outcome.

Sign Planning Permits

A Council’s sign planning scheme sets out policies and requirements for the use, development and protection of land, and is underpinned by the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

There is a sign planning scheme for every municipality in Australia.  Rules as to when a planning permit for a sign vary slightly between states, however as a guide you may need a planning permit for:
Rules and regulations regarding sign permits, and application fees change over time and between councils, so it’s always best to give you a call so we can provide you with the most up to date information.
More information about when you do and don’t require a sign permit can be found here

Form A sign can provide a site context report, using a site plan, photographs or other methods to accurately describe:

When compiling these reports, the character of the area is addressed in terms of the sensitivity of the area in terms of natural environment, heritage values, waterways, open space, and residential character; impacts on views and vistas; relationship to the streetscape; relationship to the building site; the impact of the sign structures; the impact of any illumination; the impact of any logo on the sign; the need for sign identification of the site; the impact on road safety and obstructing driver views; and could the sign be mistaken as traffic signals? etc.

Signs Requiring Building Permits

You will be advised by your local Council on your Sign Planning Permit if a Sign Building Permit is required for your sign.  Generally, a Building Permit will be required when your sign is a stand alone structure (pylon), and your sign is more than 1 meter in height within 3 meters of a street boundary as illustrated on your property title.  A Building Permit will also be required if your sign is located more than 8 meters above ground level, or 8 meters in display area.

Form A Sign are able to assist you prepare and submit the required documentation for the Sign Building Permit.  Council application submission fees apply.
As a general rule, your sign building permit will require:

Other Permits

Depending on the location of your sign, you may require either a permit or exemption permit from Heritage Victoria.  You may also require a footpath permit to install your sign.  Depending on Council Guidelines, you may require Report and Consent and Out of hours permit to install your sign.

Form A Signs have many existing relationships with Council Sign Planning and Sign Building Permit Officers.  We are experts in processing sign permit applications and will expedite this often complex process.  Sign permits can often take 3-6 months to be collated, submitted and finalised by Councils.

Sign Engineering

Many large freestanding signs require Engineering Certification to be submitted to Councils as part of the Sign Building Permit Application Process.  Form A Sign use expert sign engineers to ensure the sign is designed to the top industry standards and specifications.  The Engineer will complete full mathematical computations against the proposed sign, assessing it against weather, impacts and rigidity. A Structural Engineer Certification Certificate will then be issued, together with sign engineered drawings.