Custom Stickers & Decals

Barcode Sticker

Are you looking for a custom sticker for your product, business, organisation or club?

Do you need custom stickers now?

FORM A SIGN utilises the best materials and digital printers in industry to print, contour cut and laminate your custom stickers. Our Graphic designers will work with you to design your sticker of your business / team / club logo. It’s easy to order by calling or email the office and production times are quick. You receive a proof prior to production, and once approved your stickers will usually made within a couple of business days.

Form A Sign uses the latest technology printers to produce a rich, dense 8 color CMYKLcLm, white plus gloss images. With the technology to print and cut to any required shape, your sticker ideas are achievable.  FORM A SIGN provides all types of adhesive stickers from large UV stable window adhesives to small solvent durable product labels. With solvent and UV wide format printers, with print and cut capabilities on site we can provide a solution for any of your custom sticker needs.

Product or packaging labels / bar codes

Do you have products that require custom stickers for product packaging? Do you require your logo, serialized sequential numbers or bar codes on your custom stickers? FORM A SIGN can help. Contact us for a quote today.

School, sports club member or bumper stickers

Custom club bumper stickers

Does your club require custom member stickers, or vehicle bumper stickers? Form A Sign can make stickers for the following clubs.

  • Football club stickers
  • Fishing club stickers
  • Soccer club stickers
  • Tennis club stickers
  • Caravan club stickers

Ordering custom club stickers is simple, email for a quote today.

Safety stickers

Emergency exit safety custom stickers

Do you need safety stickers for your business or building work site? We offer a complete range of First Aid, Toilet, Fire Exit Door, OH&S Safety maps, Evacuation plans, Danger industry standard stickers that can be customised to your individual needs. Safety Stickers to suite all your safety needs can be printed with our solvent and UV wide format printers. All types of adhesive safety stickers can be produced and contour cut from large format warning signs and stickers to small solvent durable safety labels. You can use this artwork to print directly to core flute or composite panel as well.

Fork lift stickers

Custom Forklift Safety Stickers

FORM A SIGN have over 21 years experience producing specialty stickers for the Forklift industry. Whether you are looking to replace Forklift Stickers, or require new forklift safety stickers, Form A Sign can help. We have a comprehensive sticker manual of safety, machine, and forklift stickers available for your review. These stickers are high quality, and can be produced within short lead times, and couriered to all locations around Australia. All the major brands of forklifts are included in our kits. We have artwork for the following:

  • Nissan Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Toyota Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Hyster Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Manitou Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Caterpillar Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Mitsubishi Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • Clarke Forklift Stickers / Decals
  • General Forklift Safety Sticker Kits
  • General Forklift Warning Stickers.


Standard stickers can be made into custom sizes as required for your specific machine requirements. This range is constantly expanding, and we can design any custom sticker that you require if it’s not in our range.
Click here to email us for a copy of our forklift stickers manual. Ordering is easy. Email us with the part number and quantity, and we can provide a same day quotation.

Custom floor graphic stickers

Custom floor graphic stickers

Custom floor graphic stickers are a great new way of advertising your product or making a safety or warning message stand out. Custom floor graphics adhere to most concretes, bitumen, tiles and vinyl floor surfaces. They can be used indoors or outdoors in high traffic areas. The product has a rough surface which provides grip, even when wet. This material is certified by CSIRO as safe for walking in high volume traffic areas. Floor graphic stickers are a fantastic way of launching or marketing a new product, directing pedestrians or traffic or enforcing warnings or dangers.

We only use the best industry products including AlumiGraphics, Earthwrap, Asphalt Art, Arlon, Avery and 3M depending on your application.


Brand New!  Custom Carpet Temporary Floor Graphics

Ever thought of sticking your logo to carpet?  We have a special brand new product that is perfect for short term advertising on carpet in your factory / office or at trade shows.  This product can be UV printed in full colour, and contour cut.  The material comes up to 1500mm wide.  Just imagine the branding impact, displaying your logo 1 meter round on the floor of your exhibition.  This special sticker material has all the non-slip ratings, and removes easily, leaving no residue on your carpet.

Service Stickers for vehicles, air conditioners, machines etc

Custom service stickers

Form A Sign are Specialist Service Sticker Manufacturers.  We can produce;

  • Car Service Stickers / Decals
  • Machine Service Stickers / Decals
  • Forklift Service Stickers / Decals
  • Custom Service Stickers / Decals


Are you looking for Service Stickers for your business? FORM A SIGN can produce service stickers customized with your logo. Do you need to write vehicle registrations or dates on your service stickers? That’s no problem. We have vinyl sticker materials that you can print your custom sticker, then write on with pen. We even have special material call Mylar, which is heat resistant for those special machine applications.

Custom Braille Stickers / Braille Decals

Printing Braille

With the latest printing technology FORM A SIGN can produce custom Braille stickers that comply with all Industry standards. Yes, these are raised, tactile, custom Braille decals where you can feel the print just like traditional Braille.

Reflective stickers

FORM A SIGN have a wealth of experience producing custom reflective stickers to direct traffic, provide a warning or danger notification, or gain attention for Councils, Parks and Factory sites. We only use the best materials that have the highest grade of reflective.


High Temperature Stickers

FORM A SIGN are specialists in producing high temperature stickers.  Only the best high temperature sticker materials are used to ensure your high heat stickers will stick in most high heat environments.  We can also produce high heat labels, with are customised with your business name.  High temperature bar code labels are also available. We only use the best materials that have been proved in industry.

Promotional stickers for holidays or events eg Christmas, Easter, Valentines day launches or festivals

Custom stickers mother's day

Looking to brighten up your shop or office with a season’s greeting? We have a great range of temporary stickers or one way vision stickers that are easy to install and remove once your promotion has ended.

Prototype stickers

Custom bumper stickers

FORM A SIGN can print both short run custom stickers for prototypes or long runs of custom stickers for single or regular orders. The benefit of our digital printing service is that you don’t require expensive templates or screens for different size custom stickers. Our designers can up and down size your same custom logo easily and at no additional cost, allowing you to quickly receive a variety of sizes.

Shop front stickers

custom stickers

FORM A SIGN have over 21 years experience producing and installing shop front window or door stickers. Custom shop front stickers can be made to go on the inside or outside of the window, reducing possible vandalism. Bright day glow or fluorescent materials can be used to attract more attention. Both cut vinyl and printed stickers can be combined to achieve the perfect look for your business. Our digital technology allows us to up and downsize logos as required. Hours of trade stickers can easily be updated or changed over time. We have installation teams around Australia to help get your custom stickers installed correctly.

Courier stickers

Courier stickers can also be customized and are normally available with a same day service.

Solvent or Chemical Proof Stickers

Are you looking for a specialised chemical resistant sticker or label? The specialist team at Form A Sign can recommend the lastest industry materials that will ensure your stickers are

All of printable chemical resistant labels can be customised by contour cut, or include your business logo or own artwork.

UV Resistant Stickers

Are you looking for long life light resistant labels?  Form A Sign uses the latest vinyl and laminate materials to to ensure you can maximise the UV resistance or your decals.

Custom Vehicle Stickers

For a full range of our custom Vehicle stickers, click here

Custom Sticker Materials Available

Custom Stickers can be either cut or printed on many different materials depending on there usage. We can print the full range of colours including white.

Arlon 4600 LX This is your standard sticker material with air channel adhesive to give a bubble free dry application. You can expect a life of 3 years outdoors
with this product.  Life can be extended to 5 years + with lamination.
Arlon 45602GT A permanent 3-5 year vinyl used for most business product or bumper stickers.  It is a full block out sticker.
Arlon 4500 clear Perfect if you are seeking your custom design to appear on a clear sticker.
3M 180CV3 When partnered with 8518 over laminate, this is perfect for marine grade or harsh environmental applications.
Arlon 8000 or
3M 39
These products are super sticky and will adhere to pvc and difficult to stick to surfaces.
Bodyguard This product will protect flared guards on your vehicle or areas of high wear such as around a ute tray or roof racks.
Unidot Temporary displays on vehicles or windows.  Perfect for Christmas or Easter stickers on a shop window or temporary promotions.
These are easily removed.
Earth wrap &
CSIRO tested non-slip floor graphic material suitable for factories, shops either indoors or outdoors. Promote your products for events or
exhibitions. Mark your concrete or bitumen with safety stickers.
Removable Vinyl Will remove from a surface without leaving any glue residue.
Glow in the dark vinyl Useful for Bus Emergency Exit signs, etc.
Egg Shell For making tamper-proof labels, once you peal it of it breaks apart.
Metalised Mylar Used for stickers that need to last in high temperature environments up to 200° C, perfect for use on engines and other harsh environments.
Metalised Imbossable
Mylar Tags, Mylar Stickers, custom mylar stickers. Specialised service stickers that can be written on.
Reflective Vinyl Available in Class 1 for safety signs, Class 2 Engineer Grade and Class 3 promotional grade.

Laminates Available:

If durability under harsh working conditions is a requirement for your stickers then over laminating may be your solution. There are many different styles of over laminate finishes:

Laminate can be use for stickers and decals to provide abrasion resistance and increase life. We are able to cut laminated stickers into any shape you can imaging allowing you to follow the contours of your products, vehicles logo’s and designs.

If you require a specialty custom sticker that’s not mentioned above, please give us a call to discuss. Specialty industry products are being released all the time and we pride ourselves in keeping to the forefront of global technology and materials available.